How do you Want Fremantle’s retail to grow?

Since the CoF created it’s Economic Development Strategy in the pre Amendment 49 days, the Council have said that the City, amongst other things, needs an enlarged retail sector. Since then there has been a lot of gripes from many who have complained about shops and hospitality closing. Implying everyone is moving out of Freo. Also conveniently ignoring that much the same is happening in every other City centre in WA and elsewhere.

So my challenge is to you readers: Either put up or shut up!!! That was pretty blunt wasn’t it :-), but you get my drift. The contributions I seek from you here is your list of retail, “What are your Top 20 Shops” that you want in the Local Authority, ie, the whole City of Fremantle. For each, I also need to know where you want them located? If that is in City Ward then be more explicit, What street? If their location is in the suburbs, at least I want the actual suburb you have in mind.

Obviously the Mayor and all the Councillors who have supported this strategy have a list in mind, so the very least I expect to see your contributions!

Hit me!!!

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