Victoria Quay and Fremantle’s CBD need to be managed as one

Evidence is increasing day by day that as a City, Fremantle cannot do strategic planning for the CBD without also doing likewise for the non port operational aspects of Victoria Quay.

This cropped up repeatedly during the Fremantle 2029 visioning workshops, obviously during the Vic Quay workshops, the alternative proposals for Pioneer Park area and the relocation of the Bus Port and again from Linley Lutton’s presentation to FICRA.

The proposed CoF Integrated Transport Strategy is another obvious example where Cof can’t do an adequate job of this without also developing the same strategic level for Victoria Quay.

While Victoria Quay non port ops is being driven by the Fremantle Port Authority, there will always be this conflict of interest. Unfortunately, the FPA is more powerful than CoF. Further it also isn’t constrained by the State and City planning regulations which gives it greater flexibility to do things the CBD cannot!

The current FPA Victoria Quay development proposals essentially replicate those within CoF Economic Development Strategy. It is highly dubious if there is the demand for both, and hence one, the other or both could fail!

It is ridiculous for the WA State Government to support this ongoing conflict. The FPA are supposedly experts at managing Port Operations. They should not be developing skills, employing staff, consultants and contractors to replicate those of a Local Authority.

As part of the Amalgamation of Local Authorities, the  Minsters ought to also investigate shifting the Non Ports Ops parts of FPA to LA, as the designated experts in the development and management of this type of land and property.

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