Freo Stakeholders – how important are each of them

Local Authority Stakeholders:

  • the Community, ie, the people who call Fremantle home;
  • Business Owners, ie, the people who want to make a living from the Fremantle community and their guests,
    • some of these merely own property, but it gives them, in a formal sense, similar rights as the Community, but Freo isn’t their home
    • some rent property, but also are part of the community, ie, Freo is their home
    • many are guests;
  • the Guests, ie, the people who come to Fremantle to work for the business owners, or enjoy what Freo has to offer, either from the Business Owners or the ambience, surroundings, City services and amenities
    • A distinguishing characteristic of Freo is the very large proportion of guests who visit, mainly our City precinct, for the City’s amenities.
  • the Developers,
    • the Community, largely wanting to upgrade their dwelling to keep up with their changing needs
      • some do this as small time professional developers, ie, making money, calling Freo home is a temporary convenience
  • professional developers, Freo is not their home, they come to Freo solely as business, money making ventures, their developments are usually far larger than just a single dwelling, due to their size they have equally large expectations and pockets.
  • the City Staff, employees of the Community, ie, providing the services, their admin and management
  • The Mayor and Council; elected by the Community, ie, they represent the community in dealings with the other stakeholders.

Have I got the balance right?

How should they each be treated, represented, engaged with, given status such as priority and importance?

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