Knocked of my bike by thugs

I was assaulted on Sunday evening, very close to the location of last week’s death at South Beach. The police didn’t show up despite several witnesses dialling 000.

I was riding my bike along South Terrace towards Fremantle and had just past Sealanes at South Beach, when two aboriginal men stepped out onto the road, and one of them threw a bottle at me knocking me down like nine pins. They both thought this was a great laugh, getting a direct hit, and bringing me down in the middle of the road. I was lucky the car behind was far enough back to take evasive action, and cars coming in the other direction were also able to pull up. It is pure luck I didn’t end up under the wheels of a car, in what is a poorly lit area of town. Fortunately, my injuries aren’t serious, gravel grazes and bruising, torn shirt, a new one, but an awful feeling of melancholy and low self esteem. I was wearing a helmet.

Several passers-by came to my aid, which was fantastic, can’t say ‘thank you’ enough. The two assailants didn’t leave, in fact tried to inflame the witnesses, but everyone remained calm, with two calling 000. One of the men, gradually got more and more aggressive, winding himself up into a frenzy, and then started to threaten and eventually to attack and chase all of us waving another large bottle. After 20 minutes of this, we decided the Police weren’t coming and moved further up South Terrace. As we all dissipated an Ambulance arrived although not called, checked me over, and recommended I attend Freo Hospital for a check up, which I did. They also tried to find out what was happening to the police without luck, by this time I had been waiting with one very kind young man for 40 minutes or so. The Ambos recommended we leave the area, as Wilson Park was a known hang out for more people of the same kind. They said that Freo Police was running on a skeleton crew.

 I feel for the young lady in the car who witnessed all this, she must have been equally frightened, but I didn’t get the chance to talk to her.

At the personal level the Police treated me with courtesy, but they can’t have it both ways. Either they respond with urgency to attacks of violence, or they tell the community to get trained in self defence and how to arrest thugs. To coach the public into helplessness, is the worst of all outcomes. These thugs got away with their attack and violence, who continued to intimidate and threaten passers-by. I am left with a horrible feeling of cowardice and unresolved fear; also that I didn’t, with the help of others, give them the same beating their unprovoked act did to me.

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One Response to Knocked of my bike by thugs

  1. freoview says:

    It is a real shame when it happens in one’s own town, Paul, as it takes that sense of security away. So many of us refuse to live in fear in our on city, while reality tells it it is often unsafe to be out in the evening.

    Last night a neighbour opposite, a police officer, interfered when people started fighting in High Street. You met him at the Bocce eve. He was bashed up, I was just told by a policeman who knocked on my door looking for witnesses.

    But three paddy wagons appeared within minutes, so those calls for help were at least responded to.


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